Realistic Water Mechanics (1.16-1.18) 1.9.14 BETA [提交至百度][查看百度是否已收录此帖]

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2023-2-3 23:14:50
Realistic Water Mechanics (1.16-1.18) 1.9.14 BETA

逼真的水力学 (1.16-1.18) 1.9.14 测试版


测试的Minecraft版本: 1.16、1.17、1.18

Lava 版本未获批准,因此不会向公众开放,抱歉!

https ://

  • 逼真的水力学
  • 水排入地下
  • 水斗传输系统(视频即将推出)
  • 雨水
  • 水漩涡
  • 改变了船的力学
  • 桶事件管理
  • 水中的更多选择
  • 水会流到洞里并聚集到水源(不排水)
  • 修改后的世界生成(海底)
  • 物品会在水中向上流动(一切都是可配置的!)
  • 快速支持
#Enable water on plugin load?#It is disabled by default for first start and configure#You can enable water mechanincs in server with /water enable#Setting this to "true" will allow water mechaincs work when server startsEnable on start: false#The speed plugin will calculate and place water#This speed is in ticks (1/20 second)#This option doesn't effect the performance!#Default: 1 (each tick)Water speed: 1#Blocks that can be broken by waterDestroy:- SUGAR_CANE- TALL_GRASS- GRASS- DANDELION#- TALL_SEAGRASS#- SEAGRASS#- KELP_PLANT#- KELP- TORCH- REDSTONE_TORCH- REDSTONE_WIRE- REDSTONE_WALL_TORCH- REDSTONE- LEVER- STONE_BUTTON- ACACIA_BUTTON- BIRCH_BUTTON- DARK_OAK_BUTTON- JUNGLE_BUTTON- OAK_BUTTON- SPRUCE_BUTTON- ACACIA_SAPLING- BIRCH_SAPLING- DARK_OAK_SAPLING- JUNGLE_SAPLING- OAK_SAPLING- SPRUCE_SAPLING- FLOWER_POT- SUNFLOWER- CHORUS_FLOWER- DEAD_BUSH- VINE- LILAC- LILY_PAD- ROSE_BUSH- ROSE_RED#The max time plugin can take checking the water#Higher values can make water go faster, but#performance will decreaseMax ms to check: 30#Message to send when player tries to place water#When there is no enough space for waterNo enough space message: 'There is no enough space'#In which worlds will realistic mechanics workEnabled worlds:- world#Enable bucket checkBucket check: true#The distance from which water mechanics will stop workingDistance: 92#Radius of water to check#The higher this number, the flater water will be#Higher values will cost a lot of performance (Water will work slower)Radius to check: 30#Rain water (puddles) forming on groundRain: true#Forming puddles on normal waterRain on water: false#The radius in wich it will rain#Larger radius can begin to load chunks - cause lagRain radius: 64#The speed at which water will rain# Default: 500# 0 - fastestRain speed: 500#If water can rain on lowest water#This will enable forming of more water on lakes/holes#Will let regenerate water fasterRain on lowest water: true#Blocks on which it will not rain#"Destroy" blocks are includedDont rain on:- SIGN- WALL_SIGN- FENCE#Enable hopper water transfer systemHopper transfer system: true#Name of the bucket in hopper#This bucket will transfer water trough hoppers#Don't use color codes (doesn't work)Bucket name: "Water"#Enable generation edit?#It will replace blocks under water#That helps so water doesn't flow into caves#(Recommended settings is set, change at your own will)Generation edit enabled: true#Block that will be placed under water on generation#It will be placed if:#* There is air under water#* There is sand/gravel under water (block will be placed under sand/gravel)Replace block: "DIRT"#Wich rate the block will be placed under water#It will count as blocks*2/sReplace rate: 50#Replace in all chunks that is loaded or only in new chunks#true - only in new#false - in all loaded#If you put small Replace rate, set this to false#Else, put this to trueReplace only new: true#The speed at which blocks will drain#It can be from 1 to infinite#1 - fastest, default: 1Drain speed: 1#Blocks that can float on water#Use '*' to allow all blocks to float#List of all blocks: spaces with _List of floatable blocks:- '*'- 'block_of_readstone'- 'etc'

每个所有者都应该将 ms 速度更改为一台服务器可以处理的速度。35 很快并且不会导致延迟,但是如果您遇到一些 tps 下降,请降低它。不要将其提高到 50 以上!

/**         * Replace block to water and set its data (size)         * 0 - full water block         * 7 - lowest         * @param b Block to replace         * @param size Water size         */        public static boolean placeWater(Block b, int size) {        }             /**         * Set water data (size)         * 0 - full water block         * 7 - lowest         * @param b Block to set data         * @param size Water size         */        public static boolean setWaterSize(Block b, int size) {        }

  • 下载插件(从此页面)。
  • 将插件移动到您的服务器 /plugins/ 文件夹。
  • 重新启动服务器(或使用 plugman 加载插件)。
  • 随意编辑配置
  • 运行:/water reload
  • 就是这样!

  • /water(非操作玩家)- 显示插件描述和创建者
  • /water (fro op players) - 显示插件版本、队列大小和命令
  • /water reload - 重新加载插件配置
  • /water stop - 清水队列(停水)
  • /water enable - 启用逼真的水力学
  • /water disable - 禁用逼真的水力学